Why Organizations Pick Haskell and Why You Should Care

Why Organizations Pick Haskell and Why You Should Care

Haskell: Like a Steak in a Hot Dog 1

Since 1990 and beyond

Haskell attracts students, researchers, and passionate engineers, thanks to its maturity and vibrant community who are deeply involved in various opensource projects and its gift economy approach. It welcomes those new to functional programming or those who have never tried programming at all.

All in One Box

Haskell is definitely not a mainstream language.

Google Trends comparision of Haskell, Scala and Rust

Nevertheless, those who put their trust in the language once know there's no reason to reconsider. Haskell is a game changer. A general purpose language; that's industry-ready, perfect for fast prototyping, and a research language. It enables developers to quickly and reliably produce high-assurance code; we haven't even mentioned the testing tools available. It gives you a way to cut short your time-to-market. Haskell's real superpower is when it's time to refactor. Between the compiler as your tireless pair programmer, and the type system guiding your hand, you can cut and rebuild as fiercely as you please, backed by powerful abstractions that you can learn once and reuse forever. Enabling you to be productive and write quality code from the start. Without sacrificing your need for performant code.

Thanks to all of this expressiveness and flexibility, Haskell can be moulded to fit your problem. Use the abstractions and the types to define the language you need to solve your problem, all within Haskell.

Moreover, a rich ecosystem of tools and libraries improves the general coding experience, not to mention a welcoming and helpful community.

Where the Safety Matters

The cost of vulnerabilities and code failures can be very high, especially for financial sector solutions like smart contracts - the error affects all users and may mean financial losses. Because of Haskell's correctness, the concepts and guarantees that can be baked into the code precisely and assuredly. It is a language of choice for banks like Barclays, Standard Chartered, and Mercury. It’s these guarantees that allowed Haskell to become the backbone of Cardano's Plutus and Marlowe.

But because Haskell inspires not only FinTech, you’ll find the language in various organizations like Galois, Facebook, and NASA. Haskell is also a starting point for further research on other languages, like Paradise and Unison.

Out of the Box Solutions

Obsidian Systems has its place in the history of Haskell as well. It’s our language of choice and we proudly support the wider community organizations and OSS development. As a consultancy, we offer our clients a wide range of solutions and a rich portfolio of fintech products to show off. We have experience working with clients who needed us for a team extension or didn't have the tech know-how and wanted us to lead them through the whole development pipeline. We provided the full-stack development capabilities and the product development experience they needed. And thanks to the tools already in the ecosystem and the tools that we built and gave back to the community, we can deliver web and mobile apps for those who come to us with a clear idea in their mind. Haskell is brilliant for fast prototyping and robust development, allowing us to deliver a working solution in only ten weeks (or even less). It translates into lower costs and smoother product releases, crucial, especially for those organizations in the early stages. If you want to go against the stream just like Paul Graham, try Haskell in production. Or better yet, speak to us - let's build your success together!