Obsidian Systems at MuniHac

Obsidian Systems at MuniHac

Come and join MuniHac this year! Ryan Trinkle will present the session 'React + Reflex: Harmonizing TypeScript and Haskell with Functional Reactive Programming'

Obsidian Systems specializes in fullstack and web products, offering out-of-the-box solutions to clients. During MuniHac, Ryan Trinkle from our company will present how to unlock the full potential of frontend development by seamlessly integrating the power of TypeScript and Haskell. This demo session suits both TypeScript and Haskell engineers, featuring insights on our OSS library Reflex.

Registration for MuniHac is still open, and it's free to attend. Don't miss Ryan's talk on Friday, July 7th, at 13:45 CET, at Motorworld Munich.
MunHac is cohosted with The Big Techday conference, where you can explore over forty talks on AI, ML, Cloud, Robotics, Science & Philosophy, and other topics.



Abstract of the presentation

Ryan's session, "React + Reflex: Harmonizing TypeScript and Haskell with Functional Reactive Programming," will demonstrate how to combine the best of TypeScript and Haskell for frontend development. Attendees will learn how to take the reactive principles that made React successful to the next level with pure Functional Reactive Programming (FRP). Additionally, Haskell developers will learn how to integrate seamlessly with the broader JavaScript ecosystem.


Ryan Trinkle is a founding partner of Obsidian Systems, a consultancy specializing in Haskell, Functional Reactive Programming (FRP), and Nix. Prior to establishing Obsidian Systems, Ryan worked in several startups. He is actively involved in the Haskell community, co-leading the NY Haskell Users Group, and serving on both the Haskell Foundation and Haskell.org committees.